UK Export and Import delivers effective, comprehensive solutions to companies looking to grow and explore new markets.


Being the home of tech giants LG, Samsung and SK, Korea is the number one producer of mobile phones, TVs and electrical products. By working with us to import these products to your international market, you'll be at the forefront of the industry - renowned for bringing new trends and advanced technology to your customer base.


Trends come and go, but buyers will always have a need and a desire for beautiful gifts and cute soft toys. Working alongside reliable, forward-thinking Korean companies, we're able to bring these products to the UK and European markets. Like us, these companies understand the value in a steady industry that yields long-term profits.


South Korea is a prolific and trusted producer of high-quality home and kitchen appliances for heating, air-conditioning, washing, drying and cleaning. Their products are reliable and enhanced with unique features for smarter living. We work closely with top manufacturers to give UK and European consumers access to these high-standard, user friendly appliance 


In recent years, the popularity of Korean cosmetics has dramatically increased; surveys show an uptick in demand for these high quality, organic, affordable products. We partner with the most trusted and innovative Korean manufacturers to bring trending cosmetics to the UK and Europe - thus keeping their markets one step ahead of consumer demand.

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