Our Services

UK Export and Import works to support companies in their growth and development, and in turn, helps to strengthen the UK/EU and South Korean markets. Based in the UK, we're the steadfast link that connects companies with new customers - and connects those customers with cutting-edge, quality products including Korean cosmetics.

Our mission is two-fold:

We're dedicated to assisting UK companies in the export of their products to South Korea so they can reach a brand new customer base.
We're committed to working closely with our ambitious partner companies in South Korea to launch and sell their innovative products in the UK and EU.


Following the establishment of the Free Trade Agreement, there has been an uptick in businesses looking to explore new global markets. Perhaps your company wants to tap into this potentially profitable venture? UK Export and Import is here to assist businesses like yours with market exploration and industry expansion, utilising the Free Trade Agreement to your advantage. We provide efficient distribution support as well as professional advice on EU product safety regulations and compulsory legal paperwork.

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between your current market and the consumers you want to reach.